Veritas Prep SAT Instructor Interview

Q&A Session with Veritas Prep SAT Instructor Eric Fischer

The SAT is not an easy test and it’s one that can potentially define your future.  That’s why it’s extremely important to weigh out all your SAT prep course options prior to making a decision.   We set out to pick the brain of a Veritas Prep expert SAT instructor so that you can get a feel for the type of instructor you would get with a Veritas Prep SAT prep course purchase.  Veritas Prep is very well known within the test prep industry for offering extremely high quality test prep and you should seriously consider them for your test prep needs.  Take a read through this article and please leave us a comment at the end with any thoughts you might have.

Eric Fischer graduated cum laude from the University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a 3.93 GPA. As UCLA emphasizes analytic philosophy, Eric focused his studies primarily on the philosophy of language and logic. During this time, he also became avidly involved in tutoring the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and subjects such as mathematics, physics, logic, and Spanish. As an SAT and ACT instructor for 4 years for various education companies in Los Angeles, Eric advanced his teaching abilities and especially his knowledge of the SAT and ACT. For the better part of one academic year, he also studied at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as part of an Education Abroad Program. In Spain, he became fluent in written and spoken Spanish and moreover realized the tremendous value of living in a foreign country. With a keen interest for language, culture, and exposing oneself to new experiences, Eric values traveling and keeping an open mind.

1. What was the one thing that attracted you the most to being a Veritas Prep SAT instructor?

Veritas Prep always felt like an elite company to me. They maintain high standards with a 99th percentile SAT score requirement for their instructors, and I was also enticed by the company structure. I heard through the grapevine that Veritas Prep had a huge infrastructure set up for online instruction and paid their instructors well too.

– Eric Fischer

2. What sets apart the level of SAT instruction that Veritas Prep offers compared to other SAT prep companies in the market?

The Veritas Prep strategies are designed with the student in mind—from the student’s perceptive, we tackle specific question types tested by the SAT. I have often felt that Veritas Prep has a more direct approach, orienting their strategies around these different question types, whereas other companies seem to employ an indirect approach, teaching general material in the hopes that it will improve a student’s SAT score.

– Eric Fischer

3. What motivates you to be an SAT instructor?

I enjoy helping students improve on an exam that can have an enormous impact on their lives. It can help get them into college of their choice and save them thousands of dollars on tuition if they do well. I believe that any student can score well on the SAT too, which is another motivating factor. It just takes time and dedication, like anything else.

– Eric Fischer

4. If you had to narrow down to one thing that primarily helped you achieve your SAT score, then what would it be?

Time and dedication. If you want to do well in anything in life, it will take time and dedication. You just need to put in the hours—you will inevitably get much, much better. The SAT measures your ability to take the SAT. Rise up to the challenge and secure the score you deserve—there is nothing standing in your way except, perhaps, your self-image. Form a positive, successful self-image and you will realize your goals. Listen to some Psycho-Cybernetics.

– Eric Fischer

5. Is there a common misconception of the SAT or of what is a realistic SAT score?

I think any student can score well on the SAT. The common misconception is that the SAT measures your intelligence or college-readiness. The SAT, I think, really only measures your ability to take the SAT—so put in the time and dedication and you can achieve your goal.

– Eric Fischer

6. How do you personally ensure that students who are struggling end up with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on the SAT?

I make sure to focus on my students’ weaknesses throughout my SAT courses. Confidence is only the result of having done something so many times that you are no longer nervous. So, first, I ensure that they know the relevant SAT strategies and concepts, and then I spend a good deal of time analyzing their incorrect answers on practice exams. Correction and repetition are key.

– Eric Fischer

7. It’s well known that Veritas Prep offers extremely high quality prep courses across the board, but what is the one SAT prep course that you feel is most beneficial to students, and what separates it from the others?

The best SAT course we offer is our 36-hour, 12 Lesson SAT 2400 course. If a student has the opportunity to take the course in person, or one-on-one with an SAT 2400 instructor, I would of course recommend these options. But the online course has the same material and the same level of instruction—it will cover all the strategies in-depth and have thorough reviews as well.

– Eric Fischer

8. In your professional opinion, why is taking an SAT prep course so advantageous for test takers as opposed to self-prepping or just relying on their high school instruction?

Relying on your high school instruction will not be enough. Self-prepping, too, will be less thorough than a course. You need to prep specifically for the SAT if you want to maximize your potential. The reason you hear of students improving their score from 300-400 points in a month or two is because the SAT can, and should, be studied for! That kind of score increase is more than possible.

The only argument against a test prep program is the cost, but there is nothing more valuable than your education. This is the one part of your life you can spend money on without remorse, especially when it can end up winning you thousands in grants or scholarships!

– Eric Fischer

9. What is the largest SAT score increase you have seen?

I have seen students improve from a score in the 1700’s to a 2200+ score. And I have seen that multiple times. That’s a student going from limited college options to an SAT score suitable for any university, not to mention lots of scholarship money.

– Eric Fischer

10. If you could give three pieces of advice to future SAT test takers, what would they be?

1) Accept that it will take some time. It should become part of your daily routine for a while.
2) After you learn the strategies, take lots of practice tests. Practice makes perfect. Confidence is the result of repetition.
3) Be excited about it. The better test-taker you become, the more dividends it will pay (literally) for you now and in the future.

– Eric Fischer

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Veritas Prep SAT Instructor Interview
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