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The Veritas Prep courses are considered by many within the ACT, SAT, and GMAT industries to be the premium prep courses on the market and it’s easy to see why.  Veritas Prep has extremely highly qualified instructors that can help you score that desired target score.  Veritas Prep is a test prep company that is geared toward assisting all levels of test takers.  Teaching their students the application process is a priority and an important reason as to why they are considered one of the best ACT, SAT, and GMAT test prep company.  The purpose of teaching you the application process is so that you have the ability to make quick decisions with very limited information.  These are skills you are going to need for your test and is a very important reason why you should consider purchasing a Veritas Prep course.  This prep course company is one of the top prep course companies on the market and below are many more reasons why.  If you choose to utilize our buttons throughout this website you will help support this website being available to future test takers so they have the same quality level of information and insight you have been provided.  This is possible via a minimal commission we would earn that is at no added cost to you.  This website is independently owned and the opinions expressed are our own.

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Pros of Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Courses

1.  Instructors 

Veritas Prep has extremely high standards for all of their instructors and they require them to have scored in the 99th percentile. That’s great, but it isn’t where Veritas Prep stops!  Veritas Prep instructors must have had teaching experience prior to working for Veritas Prep; they are subjected to a rigorous interview; they undergo extensive training at Veritas Prep; and they must pass an evaluation prior to leading their own classroom.  Simply put, the Veritas Prep instructors are some of the best in the world.

2.  Course Flexibility

Veritas prep provides you with many different test prep options from live in-person, live online, online on demand, private tutoring, and study guides.  However, the options go much deeper than that.  In certain test areas you can choose form different course timelines.  For example, one live in-person prep course might take place twice per week for six weeks.  Whereas, a different live in-person prep course might meet every weekend for three weeks.  It’s extremely nice to have all the different options that Veritas Prep provides you with.

3.  Quality

Veritas Prep has taken it upon themselves to develop the highest quality test prep within the industry.  In doing so, they have researched and studied what skills you need to be successful on your desired test.  They developed their prep courses and the related material around these specific skills that you need to achieve a high score.  Veritas Prep is a company who is thoroughly devoted to your success and has taken things a step further than most companies have.  With the GMAT for example they understand that higher order thinking abilities is extremely important. Therefore, they provide you with an incredible amount of baseline knowledge content and then focus on instructing you how to maximize your higher order thinking abilities.

4.  Locations

Not every prep course company out there has locations all over the world.  However, chances are that Veritas Prep offers a live in-person prep course within a reasonable distance to where you live.  They have locations all over the world so that you can take a prep course close to where you live and/or work.

5.  Guarantee

If for whatever reason you wish to retake a Veritas Prep course, then you can do so if the prep course is of equal or lessor value and within 12 months of your course start date.  Additionally, if you have previously taken an official GMAT exam, taken a live 36 hour Veritas Prep course, and did not improve your previous official GMAT exam, then Veritas will refund all of your tuition and you can take another prep course for free.  We do our best to keep this website up-to-date, but please verify this is still current before purchasing.[/fusion_text]

Things to Consider with Veritas Prep

1.  Large Company

Veritas Prep, along with the other large prep course companies, offers test prep services for multiple different tests, which include the ACT, GMAT, GRE, and SAT.  When any company realizes significant growth, the primary concern becomes whether or not the company can maintain their quality reputation for every segment of their business.  You can rest assure that Veritas Prep is committed to providing extremely high quality test prep services for every segment they operate in, and they are not willing to jeopardize that.  They could easily have provided services that stretch well beyond their current four segments, but they haven’t.  That is proof in and of itself that they are not going to expand with total disregard to the quality of their current segments.

2.  Price

Veritas Prep courses cost a premium compared to other prep courses on the market, but you are going to receive extremely high quality instruction with some of the best supporting resources there are.  However, their prices are competitive with other prep course companies that offer similar quality products.  Especially considering just how much instruction time you get with a Veritas Prep course.


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