Matt's GMAT Journey Interview 4

Welcome back for the 4th and final video interview with Matt as we go through the entire GMAT process with him.  The GMAT prep course he is utilizing is the Veritas Prep 6 Week Live Online GMAT prep course.  Discover what Matt thinks of the prep course, and also learn insights into how you can improve your GMAT score.

Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course Student Journey Video Interview (4 of 4)

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Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course Interview (4 of 4) – Written Responses

1) Before we get into whether or not you reached your score goal, can you please tell us what you thought of the official GMAT?

It was harder than I expected, to be honest. Some general nervousness probably contributed, but it was harder than I anticipated.

– Matt

2) You had a couple weeks between the time you finished the prep course and the time you took the official GMAT. Do you think that was an adequate amount of time to go over everything and prepare yourself? If not, how much time would you allow?

I do not think 2 weeks was adequate at all. The amount of time I left for myself to review was probably my biggest shortcoming on taking the GMAT. I would say 2 months to digest all the information and to fully comprehend the strategies would be best.

– Matt

3) Overall and disregarding how much time you had to prepare, do you think that the Veritas Prep course prepared you well for what was tested on the GMAT?

As far as content and how to approach the questions, definitely. I would not have even made it to 500 if not for the Veritas Prep review course. I felt like I had the appropriate knowledge to get to my goal, but did not spend enough time in the material to get there.

– Matt

4) Your goal on the GMAT was to score between a 650 – 750, did you achieve your personal goal

Unfortunately, I did fall a little short of my goal.

– Matt

5) Now that you have had a few days to reflect on the entire process and your exam, why do you think you didn’t meet your goal?

I attribute my shortcoming to the little time I gave myself to review between the end of the course and the GMAT.

– Matt

6) What’s your plan going forward?

I got a good enough score to get into the MBA program I wanted, so I will definitely do that.  Down the road, I am going to take another go at it to open my options for a Ph. D. program someday.

– Matt

7) Ultimately, what advice would you give people who are getting ready to start their GMAT prep process?

Find a good review course! The GMAT is very sneaky as it tests in puzzles. It’s something that needs a lot of quality practice to achieve a high score. Obviously I’ve done the Veritas Prep review course and highly recommend it, but it isn’t something you can just wing or practice a few review problems and be good to go.

– Matt

8) What are your three leading factors in the Veritas Prep recommendation?

1) Top-notch, passionate, enthusiastic instructors,

2) high-quality and interactive live learning environment that is unlike any other internet review course, and

3) Efficient learning process with their skillbuilders.

– Matt

9) Thank you very much for all the time spent going through this process with us. We greatly appreciate it, and we wish you the best of luck as you move forward in your career!

Sounds good. Thanks!

– Matt

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