Matt's GMAT Journey Interview 3
Check out the video below, which features Matt immediately after he completed the 6 week live online Veritas Prep GMAT prep course.  It’s another fantastic interview that we are thrilled to make available to you.  If you decide to go with Veritas Prep, please remember to utilize our links here at to make your test prep purchase.  We greatly appreciate it!  Also, please don’t forget to like and share this video with your friends via our social media sharing buttons.  If you do utilize our links to make your test prep purchase, we might earn a minimal commission at no added cost to you.

Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course Student Journey Video Interview (3 of 4)

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Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course Interview (3 of 4) – Written Responses

1) Welcome back for your third interview! I bet you’re excited that you’re now all the way through the Veritas Prep course, and on the homestretch. Let’s jump right into it. Now that you have completed the full 6 week live online prep course, what are you most impressed with about the Veritas Prep course?

The most impressive part of the online prep course, content-wise, is the strategy of how to approach certain questions on the GMAT. For certain questions, they teach you how to use the logic of the test against the GMAT to get the questions right. In certain situations, you don’t have to know the right answer, but learn how to identify the trap and not choose the wrong answers.


2) Now having been through the entire prep course process, how important do you believe the skill builders were to your studying success? For those of you who don’t know, a skill builder is essentially material that you’re expected to move through prior to attending each of the classes.

Considering it’s the starting point of the GMAT, very critical. The GMAT doesn’t just require you to regurgitate information; it requires you to be able to solve and manipulate logic puzzles (both quant and verbal) based on a foundation of math, logic and grammar. That foundation is what the skillbuilders are, and without them, you’re doomed from the get-go.


3) Were the instructors energetic and helpful throughout the entire 6 week course, and overall how did you like the instructors?

The instructors were top-notch. Each class has two instructors: an instructor teaching the course and another instructor helping administer the video feed and answer questions that students may have that the main instructor could not get to as well as highlight key takeaways for the students. The teaching instructor was very energetic, passionate and extremely knowledgeable. I never felt that class was getting boring and losing my attention span, which is a pretty amazing feat thinking about some of the items the GMAT covers.


4) Did you feel like the Veritas Prep instructors went above and beyond to ensure that you and your classmates had the appropriate knowledge to be successful? Please provide an example if you have one.

Yes, always. The instructor who is not actually teaching reaches out to every student individually as class is going on to make sure that they aren’t being held up by any certain topic. Also, I do remember one very memorable class where the instructor actually dressed up to drive home a very important strategy related to data sufficiency problems. Definitely kept everyone’s attention.


5) How was the prep course from a technical aspect in terms of speed and functionality within the website member login?

The quality of the website was great – it tracks your progress automatically and had no problems with functionality. The video stream was high def and I never had an issue logging in. I did have a choppy video feed some of the time, but that was due to my internet service provider, and certainly was not an issue on Veritas Prep’s end of things.


6) Do you feel like you now have the appropriate amount of knowledge to achieve your desired score on the GMAT? Please remind everybody what your GMAT goal range is.

Since I’m shooting for a 650 – 750, I definitely feel like I’ve been given the appropriate amount of knowledge and have the resources to refine my skills to the achieve my desired score on the GMAT, but I don’t think I’m there yet. I still need to take a few more practice tests to assess where I’m at; improve any weaknesses I have via practice problems; review, and then I should be ready.


7) Do you think that you would have been prepared enough if you would have just purchased an inexpensive study guide set and attempted to self-prep?

A study guide would have showed me what basic skills I need to review, but not test taking strategies and the logical approach to the GMAT.


8) Are there any aspects of the prep course you did not like?

I can’t think of any negative aspects. I honestly really enjoyed the experience, which is saying a lot considering at the end of the day its studying for an exam.


9) At this point would you recommend the Veritas Prep GMAT Live Online course to other people, and what would be your main reason for the recommendation?

I would definitely recommend it! There is no way I could’ve learned the strategies on my own and efficiently been brought up to par without the skillbuilders they provide. Also, the instructors were top-notch and fun to interact with.  So, I would definitely recommend the Veritas Prep GMAT Live Online prep course!


10) What are you doing to prepare during this short period of time between when the class ended and when your exam is scheduled for?

Taking a practice exam, doing practice problems from the official GMAT guide and reviewing some of the strategies I’ve learned from Veritas.


A big thanks goes out to Matt for documenting his GMAT journey here at  Be sure to come back and check out the fourth and final video in this four video series to find out how Matt did on the GMAT and to get an idea for whether or not he felt Veritas Prep prepared him for it.

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