Matt's GMAT Journey Interview 2

Within the video interview below, we discuss Matt’s assessment of the Veritas Prep GMAT prep course at the halfway point through his 6 week live online prep course.  Our GMAT prep division really wanted all of you to hear first hand from a Veritas Prep student what their experience is like with the prep course.  After listening to Matt’s interview, you will understand why Veritas Prep has some of the best GMAT prep courses on the market today.  Let’s dive right into the interview.  Below you’ll find the video interview as well as Matt’s responses written out.  To help keep this great resource available to you and all future people searching for test prep information, we would greatly appreciate it if you utilize our links to take you to the test prep company to make your prep course purchase, as we will earn a minimal commission at no added cost to you.

Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course Student Journey Video Interview (2 of 4) 

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Veritas Prep GMAT Prep Course Interview (2 of 4) – Written Responses

1) Welcome back Matt! We hope your studies have been going smoothly! How about you give us an overview of the types of things the Veritas Prep course has covered over the past 3 weeks.

“Hey! Its good to be back. We’ve covered a lot of ground since we last talked. We started out with Foundations of the GMAT logic, which is basically how they’re going to ask the questions and the format of the questions, as well as some recurring question types. We’ve also gone through arithmetic, algebra, word problems, and generally a lot of math that I have not seen in forever. We’ve also done some basic grammar skills and sentence correction. Additionally, we’ve done something called “Critical Reasoning,” which is deconstructing an argument and looking at the logic behind the argument, as well as how to strengthen and weaken arguments.”


2) Walk us through what a typical week is like for you with regards to studying and completing the prep course.

“To start, my class meets on Sunday and Tuesday nights from 7 pm to 10 pm. On those nights, I’m sitting in class. Other than that, Monday through Friday is a typical work week. I get off around 5 pm or 6 pm each night to come home, eat supper, go on a run, and hunker down to prepare for the next class, whether that be a skillbuilder or homework from the class before. It will generally take me from 3 to 4 hours a night. I generally do not spend a lot of time on Friday or Saturday nights working on Veritas Prep, but I will during Saturday days or Sunday days. Generally, I study 3 or 4 hours per night.”


3) From a technical aspect, is the online functionality and quality of the prep course what you expected, and how would you rate it?

“Way beyond what I expected! I expected the classroom experience to be some professor standing up at a whiteboard just cranking out problems. It’s very interactive – you interact with the other students in the course via the chat function. You discuss learning points you do not understand and some things you do understand. The quality of video is very good. So far, it has been well beyond my expectations.”


4) Do you feel that the pre-class assignments are helpful, and why?

“Definitely! The pre-class problems are the “skillbuilder” exercises I was referring to earlier. What they don’t want to do is waste your time teaching you addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You need to go back and refresh all of those items: algebra, grammar, etc. In class they want to teach you how to solve the different GMAT problems; the approach to take; and some of the curve balls the GMAT will throw at you. If you do have problems, you can reach out to the different online resources they have. I have not had to do that so far as I feel the skillbuilders have explained everything in sufficient detail.”


5) Do you feel that the classes are appropriately engaging and interactive? Please elaborate on why or why not.

“Yes! So far, saying it’s engaging, is almost an understatement. For example, before the first day of class, the instructor asks that every student describe themselves in a mass e-mail. The instructor then calls you out individually, and asks you questions about yourself. He does not ask you GMAT problems, but he asks all about your background. I did not expect that. I expected an instructor up in front of class droning on and on about math and grammar. It’s been very interactive. Additionally, during class, if the other students are experiencing the same problems as you, you will have the ability to talk about it during class. You can easily “raise your hand” during class and the instructor will go back over what you are not understanding.”


6) What has been the most challenging aspect of the first 3 weeks?

“So far, for me, the most challenging aspect would be time for homework. Things do come up during the week that demand my attention. As far as content, I have been struggling more on the quant side. This surprised me as I am an accountant, and I assumed I would struggle more on the verbal reasoning side. It is a lot of mathematics I haven’t visited in so long. I am going to have to spend a lot of extra time in the homework with algebra, arithmetic and word problems.”


7) Is there anything that you need to adjust and do differently over the last 3 weeks?

“Yeah, I need more time in the quant section as I alluded to earlier. It is material that I have not visited in a very long time, so I need to take more time diving into algebra and the word problems. I need to shore up my floor on math.”


8) Is there anything that you do not like about the Veritas Prep prep course, and why? 

“My criticism is not so much a criticism of the Veritas prep course or material as it is the length of the skillbuilders. Some of the skillbuilders in the beginning are long and take a lot of time. More than 3 to 4 hours, more like 5 to 6. It also depends on your skill level coming into the course, and mine was pretty low. So, in the beginning you do need more time for those skillbuilders, and the instructors do tell you that. It is hard in the beginning, but the skillbuilders get smaller as everything builds off itself. So far, that would be my only criticism.”


9) Do you feel that the Veritas Prep GMAT prep course is significantly increasing your chances at achieving your desired GMAT score, and why?

“Yeah, I think it would be incredibly difficult to find all of the information in one place in an organized fashion that is easily learnable. It would take me so much additional time to research all of the foundational information online and dig out old text books. Another thing that is nice that my instructor does is he gives us links to different websites and books for more practice in certain areas. The knowledge Veritas Prep has of the recurring GMAT questions and the appropriate approach to take is incredible. Certain approaches, I would not have recognized to take after nailing out 40 to 50 questions, then having to go back and re-do all of them with the new approach.”


10) At this point, after week 3, would you recommend the Veritas Prep prep course to others?

“I definitely would! It’s not your typical online course, as its very interactive. It’s funny what some of the other students comment about in class, and the instructor is pretty clever. I’m learning way more efficiently than I could have ever done on my own.”


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