Study Groups – Explained

Note:  See next section below for instructions on how to easily establish your own study group

Study groups are meant for people who have specific individuals in mind who they want to be apart of their own public or private group forum.  Before we get into examples of who might use the study groups, we’ll explain the difference between our study groups and our site wide forums.  If you do not want to create your own study group, but have questions that you’d like to ask a test prep community, then you will want to use our site wide forums.  These forums are open to the public and there are many site wide forums that you can post within.  For example, one of our site wide forums is SAT – Math.  Within that forum you can search to see if your SAT – Math related question has already been asked.  If it has not been asked, then you can create a topic, ask your question, and get responses from individuals within the SAT – Math forum community.  This is great for people who have come across a study guide question or concept that is giving them trouble, and would like a place to seek help.

Study groups, on the other hand, are for a defined group of people.  You have the ability to create your own group and make it public or private.  Your group will have your own group specific forum to discuss topics that your group feels is important.  Below are a couple examples of who might use group forums:

1) Teachers – If you are a teacher and want your students to have a defined group that they can post and discuss questions within that you can easily monitor and administer, then creating your own specific study group would be for you.  You will have the capability to have your own forum and related forum topics that you can easily refer your students to.  The greatest benefit to you will be the ease of referring current students to solutions you have previously discussed on the forum.  This will save teachers an incredible amount of time in future years when their forums are packed full of discussion topics that students can easily search and get the solution they are looking for.

2) Students – If you have certain people you’re studying with, then why not create a group where you can easily discuss specific topics and always have a place to refer back to?  You can have your own digital study corner that makes it extremely easy to invite and add your friends to.  This is great for students who attend the same school, but also is extremely beneficial for students who want to study with friends outside of their school district that are not nearby.

How to Create Your Own Study Group

Step 1:  Register yourself here:

Step 2:  Active your user account within the automatic email sent to your email address that you specified in the Step 1 registration process

Step 3:  Request Group Creation – Complete the group request form below:

Note:  The username must be registered (see registration link in step 1) and will be designated as the group administrator.  If you do not wish to be the group administrator, then please inform the person you wish to be the group administrator to complete the group request form.  The group administrator will have complete control of the group, be responsible for accepting new member requests into the group, and will have administration rights to appropriately monitor all topics and comments.

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Step 4:  We will create your requested group and send a notification to your user email stating that the group has been established and we will include a link to our groups listing where you must select “Join Group” for the group we created for you.  Note:  You must be logged in to your account within in order for the “Join Group” option to be visible.

Step 5:  We will accept your request and subsequently grant you administration rights

Step 6:  Inform your students or friends of the group name and inform them to request group membership by registering, logging in, and selecting “join group” within the groups listing

Step 7:  Accept your members by going into the group, select Manage > Requests > Accept

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