Best SAT Study Guides

The Best SAT Study Guides

Official SAT Study Guide – Includes DVD

The Official SAT Study Guide - Best SAT Study Guide

Considered one of the best SAT study guides on the market is the Official SAT Study Guide, which includes material on DVD as well.  It’s considered one of the best study guides for good reason.  Who wouldn’t want a study guide that was developed by the organization who created the SAT?  In our opinion, that alone makes this SAT study guide a must have!

You’re going to get 1,000+ pages with 20 chapters of content and an exclusive DVD.  One important thing that sets this study guide apart from the rest is that with this purchase you’ll get 10 official SAT practice tests with access to detailed online explanations.

It’s advised that this study guide be utilized in combination with another study guide within this listing due to the fact that question explanations are non existent and it’s not the best for strategic insight.

Price: $31.99

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Cracking the SAT – Includes 8 Practice Tests & DVD

Cracking the SAT The Princeton Review - Best SAT Study Guide

This SAT study guide is a great option and great for the money considering it comes with 8 practice tests.  In addition to the practice tests, you will learn techniques and strategies that could be invaluable for your big test day.  You will also get expert subject reviews for each test topic and tons of extra practice with access to the Princeton Review online premium portal where you’ll get video tutorials, study plan guides, and more.

Price: 34.99

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Barron’s SAT- includes CD ROM

Barron's SAT - Best SAT Study Guide

Barron’s is another company that has a long successful history in the test prep industry.  With over 65 years of helping students succeed, this company has continued to produce high quality test prep material including this SAT study guide.  This study guide includes 7 full length practice tests and all questions have detailed explanations.  2 of those 7 practice tests are on the CD ROM with automatic scoring.   You’ll also get test taking strategies among other things to help you prepare for the big day.

This study guide allows you to put your head down and really get to work!  It’s a SAT study guide that should be considered by all who are looking for a quality SAT study guide.

Price: $14.31

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Barrons SAT 2400

Barrons SAT 2400 - Best SAT Study Guide

If you’re a high achiever and are looking for that extra something that was created for people looking to score extremely high, then look no further.  This study guide is geared toward extremely difficult content and should be utilized by those who need or want to be pushed harder than a normal SAT study guide is capable of doing.

This study guide also focuses on test taking strategies that are sure to help you on the official test.  Some argue that it’s critical to learn test taking strategies.  Ultimately, this is a great test prep resource for those of you who are looking for a near perfect score on the SAT.

Price: 13.34

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McGraw Hill’s SAT- Includes DVD

McGraw Hill SAT With 10 Practice Tests - Best SAT Study Guide

McGraw is a longstanding test prep company that has really produced a great SAT study guide with the 2015 edition of the McGraw Hill SAT.  The book focuses on key skills to help you achieve that desired SAT score and it comes with 6 full length practice exams.

 Price: $15.14

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Kaplan SAT 2015 Premier – Includes 8 Practice Tests

Kaplan SAT Premier - Best SAT Study Guide

Kaplan is a well known within the test prep industry for having provided quality test prep products for decades!  The bottom line is, this SAT study guide has it all.  You get questions with in-depth explanations, online quizzes, great strategic advice, 8 full length practice tests, and more!

If you’re looking to achieve a top score, then this study guide has many great tools to help you get there.  One of the common problems that students run into on the official exam is time management.  This study guide will help you master timing techniques so that you have an amazing advantage going into the test.

Price: $22.13 

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