Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction – 6th Ed.

Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction – 6th Ed.


Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction – 6th Ed.

The industry-leading Sentence Correction Guide delves into every major principle and minor subtlety of grammar tested on the GMAT. From its comprehensive list of GMAT-specific idioms to its tailored coverage of topics such as pronouns and parallelism, this guide teaches exactly what students need for GMAT Sentence Correction—and nothing that they don’t.

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6 Computer Adaptive Practice Exams

These online exams simulate the real GMAT exam and test you on the most up-to-date GMAT content. Problems include comprehensive answer explanations which demonstrate how experts tackle each question. Each test is  unique and provides you with an in-depth assessment report that can be used to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Sentence Correction Online Question Bank

All questions included in this bank (25 total) draw from the subject of Sentence Correction and are written by Manhattan GMAT’s expert Instructors. All Manhattan GMAT question banks include questions of varying difficulty levels.

5 GMAT Interact™ Lessons

This book comes with access to the first five lessons of GMAT Interact, so you can kick off your studies with guided, interactive practice. Each lesson is taught by an expert Manhattan Prep instructor and is personalized to you based on the choices you make.

Table of Contents

  • Official Guide Problem Sets
  1. The SC Process
  2. Grammar & Meaning
  3. Sentence Structure
  4. Modifiers
  5. Parallelism
  6. Comparisons
  7. Pronouns
  8. Verbs
  9. Idioms
  10. Meaning, Structure, & Modifiers
  11. Parallelism & Comparisons
  12. Pronouns & Verbs
  • Appendix A: Idioms
  • Appendix B: Glossary

All of Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Strategy Guides are aligned with both the 2015 Edition and 13th Edition GMAC Official Guide.

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