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Manhattan GMAT Online Practice CAT Exams & Question Banks


Manhattan Online Practice CAT Exams & Question Banks

This package includes online access to 6 Manhattan GMAT Computer Adaptive Practice Exams, 9 Manhattan GMAT Question Banks, and the Manhattan GMAT Challenge Problem Archive. This set is ideal for students who are already comfortable with the concepts tested on the GMAT and have already gone through the Official Guides for GMAT Review, but are looking for more practice questions before test day. Your resources are active for one year beginning the date of your purchase.

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Online Resources

Your online resources will be activated immediately after your purchase and available for one year from that date. You can access these resources through the Manhattan GMAT Student Center after you receive your confirmation email.

6 Manhattan GMAT Practice CAT Exams

Manhattan GMAT’s Computer Adaptive Exams adapt to your ability level and draw from a bank of more than 1200 unique questions of varying difficulty written by Manhattan GMAT’s expert instructors. All questions reflect the most up-to-date GMAT content, including newly emphasized quantitative and verbal topics. At the end of each exam, you will be provided with a detailed Assessment Report that serves as an in-depth review of your performance and enables you to hone in on your particular strengths and weaknesses.

9 Manhattan GMAT Question Banks

Each Question Bank corresponds to one of the 9 principal content areas tested on the exam. The 9 Question Banks consist of 25 extra practice problems each . Questions are of varying difficulty levels and come with detailed explanations.

Challenge Problem Archive

Gain online access to more than 250 extremely challenging quantitative problems at the 700+ difficulty level. These original problems, written by Manhattan GMAT’s instructors, are designed to mimic the most advanced quantitative questions on the GMAT. All questions include answers and comprehensive explanations. These questions are not repeated in any other Manhattan GMAT print or online materials.

How to Study with this Prep Package


The online resources included in this package are made up of questions created by Manhattan GMAT instructors to mimic the types of questions you will see on the official GMAT. While these questions should not be used as a substitute for the real GMAT problems found in the 3 Official Guides published by GMAC (the organization that administers the test), they are still a great resource for practice.

Test Your Knowledge

The Question Banks are a terrific way to practice solving questions specific to a certain content area tested on the exam. You may use our online timer to practice your pacing by setting time limits for each question in the bank.

The Manhattan Computer Adaptive Practice Exams are another beneficial resource that allow you to practice problems while familiarizing yourself with the adaptive format and the online platform used for the official exam (our platform has a similar look and feel to what you will see on test day). You can choose to take these exams timed or untimed; however, we recommend setting the time to 75 minutes for each section. This will help you get comfortable with appropriate pacing for test day.

Students looking to complete very difficult quantitative questions at the 700+ level will find that the Challenge Problem Archive is an extremely helpful practice tool. This is especially useful for high-scorers given that The Official Guide for GMAT Review does not contain many super-challenging quant problems.

Assess Your Progress

All questions included in this package come with comprehensive answer explanations that will help you understand not only problems you answer incorrectly, but those that you answer correctly as well. Even problems you get right have something to teach you. It is important to familiarize yourself with common traps, alternate solution strategies, and ways to solve the problem faster.

Additionally, the Manhattan Practice Exams come with detailed Assessment Reports. After taking each exam, you will receive your score breakdown, as well as an in-depth analysis of each question, including explanations, timing, approximate difficulty level, and topic(s) tested. These sophisticated reports allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint the subject areas you need to focus on.

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