Manhattan GMAT Online Computer Adaptive Practice Exams – 1 Year Access

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Manhattan GMAT Online Computer Adaptive Practice Exams – 1 Year Access


Manhattan Online Computer Adaptive Practice Exams – 1 Year Access

Manhattan GMAT’s Computer Adaptive Exams adapt to your ability level and draw from a bank of more than 1200 unique questions of varying difficulty written by Manhattan GMAT’s expert instructors. All questions reflect the most up-to-date GMAT content, including newly emphasized quantitative and verbal topics.

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The CAT exams are active for one year beginning the date of your purchase. Access instructions will be e-mailed to you after checkout.

Please note that this resource is included with the purchase of any of the Manhattan Strategy Guides or Prep Courses. If you later decide to purchase Strategy Guides of equal or greater value, or upgrade to a Prep Course, Manhattan will apply a credit for the retail value of your 1 Year Practice Exam Access.

Special Features

Computer Adaptive

All of the Manhattan exams are delivered across the internet; there is nothing to install or download. Manhattan explicitly support the Internet Explorer web browser, though most other browsers work as well. The computer adaptive system that is the backbone of these exams mimics the behavior of a real GMAT, so the difficulty level of questions fluctuates based on your performance.

Realistic Calibration

The Manhattan scoring algorithm is carefully calibrated and continually refined by comparing students’ scores on Manhattan GMAT’s practice exams with their results on Official GMAT exams. Manhattan’s aim is to provide you with the most realistic test-taking experience possible. Please note that the essay section is not scored.

Assessment Reports

At the end of each exam, you will be provided with an in-depth review: explanations to each question, time spent on each question, approximate difficulty level of each question, the topic(s) tested by each question, and more. The Manhattan sophisticated reports enable you to gauge your ability and focus on your strengths and weaknesses.

Timing Options

You can take the exams timed or untimed. Set the time by section (e.g., 75 minutes for an entire section), by question (e.g., 120 seconds per question) or without a time limit

Optional Exam Reset

After completing all 6 exams, you may reset the question pool and take additional practice tests. The work you have completed in the previous 6 exams will still appear in your Student Center. Keep in mind, though, you will see repeat questions the second time through your CAT exams, so your overall score will be less accurate.

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