Kaplan SAT Cram Session

Kaplan SAT Cram Session


Kaplan SAT Cram Sessions

Intensive, 90-minute review of strategies for each test section

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Whether you’ve been prepping for a while and just want an extra edge, or you haven’t cracked a book yet, our Cram Sessions™ for the SAT will review all of the important tools you’ll need on Test Day.

The Kaplan Cram Sessions offer intensive, 90-minute online classes taught by top Kaplan instructors. You’ll learn the most important material to boost your score on the most challenging exam sections – SAT Math and SAT Critical Reading. You’ll learn:

  • The section structure and question types
  • 10 of Kaplan’s top score-raising strategies
  • Tips for time management during the test
  • Recommended study plan every day until Test Day

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