ExamPal Genius Online Prep Course

ExamPal Genius Online Prep Course


ExamPal – Genius Online Prep Course

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Everything included: Quant, Verbal ,IR, AWA

  • All Interactive Intros

    The Basics

  • All Video Lessons

    The PAL Secrets

  • Complete Practice System

    The PALgorithms in full power

  • 3 Essay Reviews

    Our professionals score & review your essay

  • 12 Verbal Quizzes

    For extra practice

  • 4 GMAT® Practice Tests

    From the FREE GMATPrep® software and GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1

  • 3 Essay Reviews

    With inline notes

  • 2 Teacher Assessments

    A review + personal tips

  • 3 Sessions Of 1-On-1 Tutoring

    Online, with our senior teachers

  • Bonus

    PROFESSIONAL MBA CONSULTANCY – 60 minutes with an admission expert

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