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What is the Best MCAT Prep Course?

First and foremost, it’s incredibly important to understand that price is not a direct reflection of quality.  There are undoubtedly always going to be prep course companies that attempt to take advantage of the fact that MCAT prep courses are a necessity and that students look for deals.  The trick is being able to effectively wade through all the crap that is available to you on the internet so that you can understand which of the similar priced courses are the best bang for your buck.  That’s where we come in!  We’ve cut out the noise, and delivered to you comparisons of amazing MCAT prep courses.

Understanding your learning needs is one of the most important things when trying to figure out what the best MCAT prep course is.  You might learn more effectively via an on-demand prep course because you’re very disciplined.  Whereas, your roomate might learn more effectively via a live in-person prep course.  You must be self-aware of how you most effectively learn, and don’t ignore that because you heard somebody say that another type of course worked well for them.

Content is king!  Having quality content within the published materials and delivered to you within the live classes, if you choose a live class, is extremely important!  The development of quality content takes an incredible amount of investment from both a time and financial perspective.  This is quite possibly why Kaplan and Princeton Review are still considered two of the best prep companies out there.  They have the resources, and they certainly have been doing MCAT prep for a long time.  Make sure you’re considering these aspects when deciding what prep course to go with.

Words of Caution

Be very careful when surfing other websites.  Websites are incentivized to list prep course companies as the best even if they are not necessarily the best, and this is because new market entrants will pay websites to do so.  However, we are very selective about who we list as ‘one of the best.’  We are not influenced by incentives, and we list and describe the best based on hard facts.

You also need to be careful when relying on student reviews.  The percentage of people that leave reviews is so incredibly small, and it’s not uncommon that the typical review is negative no matter what company it is.  Think about it!  How many times do you leave a review for a product that you had a good experience with?  The answer is probably never.  For the people that do leave negative reviews, there is no way for you to know their inherent capabilities, study habits, motivation levels, etc.  They might have done poorly on the MCAT, and simply are trying to place the blame on the prep course company even though the test results are a direct reflection of their study habits and commitment to the program.  With that said, be very careful when placing weight on student reviews.  Don’t worry though!  There is no need to go sifting through all those reviews, because we’ve done all the work for you, and you have AMAZING options to compare here within our platform.

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