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When you are gearing up to study for the MCAT, everybody needs to try out a prep course before they fully commit.  It’s extremely important to have the right prep course that meets your learning needs.

Here are the top FREE trials on the market today.

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Princeton Review MCAT Prep Free Trial

1. The Princeton Review

They are a trusted leader within the MCAT prep market.  Many doctors have utilized their world class courses to increase their chances of scoring high on the MCAT.  If you’re looking for a high quality MCAT prep course, then you are definitely going to want to try out The Princeton Review FREE Trial.

What We Like Best: They have 46 subject area experts available for office hours and ready to assist you & the level of depth.

2. Kaplan 

So here is the deal!  Kaplan’s ‘FREE TRIAL’ is a 3-day money back guarantee.  Most people don’t know they have this option, but it’s extremely important to understand that your first 3-day’s with the Kaplan MCAT prep courses are essentially free because you do have a 3-day money back guarantee. Get started with Kaplan today.

×     400+ hours of online resources

×      14 full-length practice tests and over 10,000 practice items

×      Prep on the go with digital books, a flashcard app, and Qbank

What We Like Best: The amount of resources that you have at your finger tips and the fact that Kaplan is an industry dinosaur.

We do a lot to keep our website up-to-date, but we always recommend verifying Kaplan’s 3-day money back guarantee at the point of purchase