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Princeton Review MCAT Prep Courses

Well Respected Industry Leader

One of the most important aspects to note with regards to The Princeton Review’s MCAT prep courses is that they arguably reach the highest level of depth with their review material.  Knowing that you’re getting a prep course that takes you the extra mile is extremely important, and you can rest assure that The Princeton Review MCAT prep course is extremely high quality.

If you’re looking for a trusted resource within the MCAT prep industry, then The Princeton Review is a great choice!

The 9 months of access to the prep course is an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked.  That is almost double the access time that Kaplan allows.

Is the Princeton Review Right For Me?

If you are someone looking for a MCAT prep course that goes above and beyond and is flexible to your schedule, then the Princeton Review Online On-Demand option is an excellent choice.  Here is why…

You will get 13 total full length practice tests.  Twelve of these were developed by The Princeton Review, and one was developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges, which is the official MCAT administrator.  Here is where the above and beyond factor comes into play.  The Princeton Review takes things a step further and provides you with 15 specialized diagnostic exams.  These diagnostic exams are a HUGE benefit, because they allow you to identify your weaknesses, which gives you the benefit of a targeted prep.  It’s critical for you to understand where your energy should be focused based on your personal knowledge base, and The Princeton Review makes that possible.

If you’re somebody who is looking for a product that has incredible depth to the material, then The Princeton Review is a great choice for you.

With regards to the online on-demand option specifically, if you know that you are a person that needs flexibility in a prep course and that you are disciplined enough to stay on schedule with your study plan, then the online on-demand option is probably a great fit for you.  The self prep course offers 508+ hours of prep covering all content and strategies, including 123 hours of formatted instruction.  They definitely have you covered when it comes to content!

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Industry Dinosaur

Kaplan has been in the business for an incredible amount of time, and it’s reputation is superb!  Typically, the market is the best indicator of a businesses quality and performance, and people just keep buying Kaplan’s MCAT prep.  Kaplan has clearly provided quality products over the decades, and they are one of the most trusted resources out there.

The bottom line is, you more than likely be extremely satisfied with a Kaplan MCAT purchase!

Kaplan Test Prep

Is Kaplan Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a MCAT prep course that has a great track record, then the Kaplan online on-demand is a great option for you!  You’re going to get 8,000+ practice questions, 13 practice exams developed by Kaplan, and an additional practice exam developed by the official MCAT administrators.  Tests such as the MCAT come down to how quality the material is and how much practice you get in.  You certainly will get both with a Kaplan purchase.

If you have a busy schedule, the Kaplan course comes with a mobile flashcard application that makes studying on the go much easier.

Kaplan is without a doubt a safe bet, and is trusted by many MCAT takers!

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