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Kaplan has dominated the test prep industry for decades and is not showing signs of slowing down.  Kaplan offers test prep for almost any test you can think of.  How, might you ask.  Well, they’ve been in business for more than 75 years and have had great success.  Kaplan is a company that will teach you the general knowledge you need in addition to test taking strategies to give you that extra edge.  If you’re looking for a company who can give you structure, then Kaplan is a great option.  They have mastered how to run prep courses and put you on the right study plan.  Kaplan is without a doubt one of the greatest test prep companies on the market and should be considered for your test prep needs.  We are independently owned and the opinions expressed are our own.  Your support, by utilizing our links to make your purchase, will help ensure that future test takers receive the same quality information you have been provided as we will earn a minimal commission at no added cost to you.


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Pros of Kaplan Test Prep

1.  History and Convenience

Being in business for more than 75 years really says a lot about a company.  The market won’t allow for that company lifespan unless the company is doing something right.  Over those 75 years, Kaplan has grown their business into a worldwide test prep empire.  They operate in 30 countries and have over 150 locations in the United States.  No matter where you’re located, you more than likely will have a Kaplan test prep facility in your backyard.

2.  Test Prep Options

When it comes to test prep, people want options.  Kaplan knows that and has worked extremely hard to make available to you any option you can think of.  They offer live in-person prep courses, live online prep courses, online on-demand prep courses, private tutoring, and study guides.  They have something that can fit the lifestyle of just about anybody.

3.  Testing Advantage 

Kaplan has a partnership with Pearson VUE, which allows them to offer the ‘Official Test Day Experience’ that will give you the ability to take one of your full length practice tests from an actual testing facility.

4.  Kaplan Higher Score Guarantee

Kaplan doesn’t shy away from standing by their products.  They offer the Kaplan Higher Score Guarantee, which gives you the option to continue studying with them at no additional cost for an extended period of time if you are not ready to take your exam.  Also, if you’re not satisfied with how much you improved from your prior test, Kaplan will allow you to study at no additional cost with them again for an extended period of time.  If you do not raise your overall score, Kaplan will allow you to study at no additional cost with them again, or you can get your money back.  We strive to keep this website current, but please confirm this guarantee is still offered at the time of your purchase.  There is no guarantee that it will be.

5.  Multiple Choice Questions

Simply put, you’re going to get a ton of multiple choice questions with a Kaplan purchase.  In some cases, you’ll receive 5,000+ multiple choice questions.

6.  Price

For as large as Kaplan is and considering the fact that they provide a guarantee, their prices are extremely competitive.

Kaplan ACT
Kaplan GMAT
Kaplan SAT
Kaplan MCAT

Kaplan – Things to Consider

1.  Large Company

A large company has its advantages, but being large opens up the company to all types of criticism.  The most prominent criticism large company’s get in the test prep industry is that they lose focus on individual tests.  Basically, the argument is that they build out a segment and simply move on to the next segment while the old ones just run on autopilot so-to-speak.  Well, that just isn’t the case with Kaplan.  Yes, to a certain degree facets of the business will be on autopilot, but Kaplan is one of the best when it comes to updating material and monitoring to ensure each test prep option remains of the highest quality.  Again, they wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t constantly monitor and improve all test prep areas.

2.  Limitations

There are people who feel that Kaplan focuses too heavily on test taking strategies as opposed to teaching you the base knowledge and conceptual rules needed to score extremely high.  As these are opinions, they have been noted in many reviews.  There are just as many others out there, including us, that would tell you there is a solid balance between strategies and baseline knowledge that is taught through the Kaplan test prep.


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