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What are

The Most Important GRE Prep Things to Consider?

Let us briefly explain…

High quality GRE prep is likely going to be a significant factor in where you are able to get into graduate school.  Many universities and colleges put a high emphasis on a student’s GRE score.

Many students ultimately decide to utilize a high quality GRE review course.  These courses have extreme advantages over other forms of preparation such as GRE study guides or GRE test banks.  Students are taught either online or in-person the key concepts needed to succeed, and they have instructors that guide them through the entire process.  There is a big difference between memorizing practice questions and ACTUALLY LEARNING the key concepts.

Unless you know for absolute sure that you need a private tutor, our suggestion is to go with an GRE prep course first.  If you think the prep course is not cutting it (which we doubt you’ll come to that conclusion), then we suggest searching for a high quality private tutor in your area.  We have you covered from that angle too with a searchable database of over 75,000 private tutors right here within the Test Prep Store platform.

Your goal should be to leave our website today with the right GRE prep so there is no more procrastination.  

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Below are key items to consider to achieve GRE success

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Key Question #1

Why is GRE Prep So Important?

Competition is fierce in today’s job market, and it all begins with education.

More and more people are realizing that it’s vital to obtain a high quality graduate level education to give yourself a chance at being competitive within the job market.  This is why so many people take standardized testing very serious, and specifically GRE prep courses.

You’re probably familiar with standardized testing from your ACT or SAT experience, but the GRE is a completely different ballgame.   Just because you did well on either the ACT or SAT, do not assume you will do well on the GRE.  The GRE will determine what level of graduate school you will likely be able to get accepted to.  TAKE THIS TEST SERIOUS!

The absolute last thing you want to do is be limited on your college options based on your GRE score.  Is it possible to make it far in a career if you don’t get accepted to a moderate to high level graduate school?  Absolutely it is possible, but life can be much easier if you graduate from a high quality and well respected graduate program.

One very simple reason is that quality companies recruit from quality schools.  These companies know that focused, determined, and job qualified graduate students filter through the high quality schools at a higher rate than lower quality schools, and that is why they focus their attention toward those schools.

Why GRE Test Prep is Important

 Key Question #2

How affordable is GRE Prep?

How Affordable is GRE Prep

The good news for you is that GRE prep courses are extremely affordable.  A high quality course starts at around $500.  We get that $500 is a lot of money, but think about it from a big picture perspective.  What you planning on spending per semester for this graduate degree?  A heck of a lot more than $500.  Really, when you think about it, $500 is a small drop in the hat when it comes to your total cost of a quality graduate degree.

When you consider the fact that fees alone at your university can cost you $1,000+ per semester, it makes the $500 GRE prep course seem very affordable.  It’s extremely difficult to put a price on getting accepted to a high quality graduate program.  A minimal investment in a quality prep course  today has the potential to pay you significant dividends over the course of your lifetime.

You now know that prep courses are affordable, but what about GRE study guides?  GRE study guides can be extremely critical to your scoring success.  You will discover throughout the Test Prep Store platform that you can find high quality GRE study guides for under $50. It is recommended that you also invest in one or two additional study guides for ADDED GRE practice questions and GRE practice tests. The key though is to not just rely on the study guides.  Finding a prep course within our platform that meets your learning needs is priority #1.

Key Question #3

Are There Any Good GRE Prep Course Discounts?

Absolutely!  Within our GRE Prep Course Discount page (will be live soon) you will find top quality discounts that you can apply during your check out.  We have negotiated with some of the best prep course companies in the world to bring you these fantastic discounts.

Make sure to grab our specific discount code and click through the related banner to apply your discount

The great news for you is that even without our great discounts, GRE prep courses are very affordable.  You can easily get a high quality one for under $500.  Be sure to compare the current GRE prep course prices before grabbing a discount code.

Are there any good gre prep course discounts

Insight #1

It’s Never Too Late to Rock the GRE

GRE Calendar

Many people just assume that if they received a low score after going through a self-prep study guide approach, then they cannot possibly raise their score very much.

Don’t make that assumption, because GRE prep courses have been known to result in SIGNIFICANT increases.  Results will fluctuate from student to student, but this is your future we’re talking about.  It’s definitely worth a shot, and you are NOT running low on time.

The big thing to understand is that there is plenty of time for you to regroup, get enrolled in a prep course, and retake the GRE.

Insight #2

Don’t Assume Simply Retaking the GRE Without Adjusting the GRE Prep Will Help

Have you caught yourself saying, ‘well, I just didn’t perform to my capabilities on the first try’?  Odds are that you performed to your capabilities GIVEN the way you prepared.  That’s not saying you don’t have a higher score in you.  It’s simply saying if you prepare the same standard way again, then you might not see much of a change in score.

If you were never taught a key GRE strategy, then you will never know it and will never have a leg up on your peers.  It’s a life rule that you don’t know what you simply don’t know.

This is why it’s incredibly important to take a different approach to preparing for the second GRE attempt.  Students need to be introduced to new material and strategies, and doing so with a world class GRE prep course is the way to go for many.

Changing Your GRE Prep

Insight #3

Trust GRE Prep Recommendations From Friends & Family, BUT verify

A good friend of yours suggests a GRE prep course company or course and praises it as the absolute best thing for anybody.

Do you throw money at it and hope for the best?

Not a chance!  Never invest in a prep course without doing research on it yourself.  That’s where we come in.  The Test Prep Store platform is a place where you can easily do the research you need and get signed up for a course today.

Before you act on a tip, follow these guidelines:

Consider the source credibility.

Listen, we all have THAT friend who seems to be an expert on everything, but do they really know everything there is to know about the GRE prep industry?

Ask yourself, what’s so great about the recommended product?

This will get you in a mindset to verify.  Often times, people have never seen a prep course ever in their life, and they are easily impressed by any online course.  You should know that there are sometimes huge differences between prep courses produced by test prep companies.

Is the recommended course a potential game changer for me?

Know what you need out of a GRE course.  Do you need in-person instruction?  Would you do well with an online environment?  Are you in need of test taking strategies? Are you the type that needs 4,000 practice questions opposed to just 1,000?

All of these questions will help you decide if the recommended course actually is a game changer for YOU.

  GRE Performance

Every student has to keep trying to achieve greater things to advance their lives.

Why? Because there are millions of others who are doing just that and they are the competition for future employment and advancement.

Insight #4

Invest in the Future (If you don’t, then who will?)

It’s so incredibly easy for people to just say, ‘the future is what it is.’

You have to proactively work toward making a change that can positively impact your future.  Nothing is going to just fall into your lap.

A small investment today could mean significantly less student loans, a higher quality education, and a higher paying job.

Nothing is guaranteed for a young adult’s future.  That is why investing in knowledge and competitive capabilities is beyond important in today’s world.

Here are some ways you can invest in the future as it relates to the GRE:

1. Complete a self-audit and really understand what you need in regards to GRE prep.

2. Have a very clear understanding of what score you need to get into the #1 graduate program of your choice.  Tip – We’re talking about your REALISTIC #1 choice.  Some students want a $60,000/year school.  That is not realistic for many people.  So, know the cost and know what the best choice is considering all factors.

3. Spend the time comparing GRE prep courses.

4. Consider a GRE private tutor if you think you need that extra time with an expert.

5. Make sure to stay positive throughout the entire GRE preparation process.  It really does go a long way for many people.

6. Take advantage of FREE Trials and Discounts to get the best price possible on your GRE prep.

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