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Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set – 6th Edition 

Best GMAT Study Guides - Manhattan Complete Strategy Guide Set

The Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set is a great GMAT study guide set and many people consider it to contain the best GMAT study guides on the market.  You will receive 10 strategy guides that cover all GMAT categories.  You will also be provided online access that will give you access to 6 computer adaptive practice exams, 9 online question banks, and access to the Manhattan GMAT Navigator, which provides you solution methods, analysis of how you’re doing, and study priorities.  The bottom line is, this study package is incredible and you should consider it for your GMAT preparation!

Price: $192 


Veritas Prep – Complete Study Kit

Best GMAT Study Guides - Veritas GMAT Course SetVeritas Prep is highly regarded in the test prep industry!  They offer extremely high quality GMAT prep courses, but that’s not all.  They also offer the complete study kit, which is a GMAT study guide package that includes 12 lesson books that are the same books taught in the GMAT prep courses.  These GMAT study guides are packed full of valuable material and thousands of GMAT practice questions.

Price: $250


The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 Bundle

Official GMAT 2016 BundleThe Official Guide for GMAT review 2016 Bundle is one of the premium self prep resources utilized by thousands for their GMAT test prep.  This GMAT study guide set was developed by the creators of the GMAT test itself and is considered one of the best GMAT study guide resources on the market.  We always highly recommend that people invest in their future and take a live or online test prep course, but for self prepping this is a resource that should be at the top of your list.  It can also be a great resource to utilize along with a prep course.  Click below to see the full product details.

Price: $59.99


 GMAT Hacks – Total GMAT Math

Considered by many to be tBest GMAT Study Guide - Total GMAT Math by GMAT Hackshe best GMAT math study guide on the market is this product by GMAT Hacks.  The total GMAT Math includes hundreds of pages and GMAT practice questions to help you prepare for your GMAT.  The total GMAT Math study guide by GMAT Hacks includes 40 sections that all cover an incredible amount of material.  At the end of each section you will be presented with a drill to help identify whether or not you understood the content so that you can be confident going into the actual GMAT exam.  Take your GMAT score to the next level with this study guide.  Don’t forget, it’s considered to be one of the best GMAT study guides you can buy!


Paperback Price: $59.95       eBook Price:$49.95  

GMAT Hacks – Total GMAT Verbal

Best GMAT Study Guides - Total GMAT Verbal by GMAT Hacks

The Total GMAT Verbal by GMAT Hacks is yet another amazing product.  If you’ve been searching for a GMAT verbal study guide that is highly regarded, then look no further.  Similar to the GMAT Hacks Total GMAT Math study guide listed above, this study guide offers over 40 sections that all cover an incredible amount of material including critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction.  This GMAT study guide also features over 200 practice questions to help you achieve that desired score.  GMAT Hacks has high quality GMAT study guides and has helped many students reach their GMAT goals.  This verbal GMAT study guide is no exception and is rated as one of the best GMAT study guides on the market.

Paperback Price: $59.95       eBook Price:$49.95  

Manhattan Advanced GMAT Quant

Top GMAT Study Guides - Advanced GMAT Quant by Manhattan


Developed specifically to help ensure you score a 650+ was the Manhattan Advanced GMAT Quant.  The GMAT study guide includes 384 pages and provides extensive practice and problem solving techniques.  This study guide is noted as one of the best GMAT supplemental study guides on the market and at the price you should seriously consider it.
Price: $24


PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible

Top GMAT Study Guides - GMAT Sentence Correction Bible by PowerScoreThe GMAT Sentence Correction Bible is a well acclaimed and highly regarded GMAT study guide.  The sentence correction section of the GMAT definitely requires a unique skill.  This is why it’s a section that can be quite fun, but extremely challenging all at the same time.  This GMAT study guide gives you the tools you’ll need to be able to quickly eliminate the incorrect answers, which is the most important aspect of answering these questions not only correctly, but very timely.  It will also provide you with strategies and explain how to correct errors.   The author of this strategy guide has over 10 years of teaching and test preparation experience.  The study guide provides you with 277 total pages of material that includes 140 questions with additional bonus material online and a FAQ section.

Price: $24.99


PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

Top GMAT Study Guides - Critical Reasoning Bible by PowerScore

GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible was authored by a gentlemen who has over 20 years of experience instructing graduate school admission test classes.  This study guide will give you the tools you’ll need to be able to quickly eliminate the incorrect answers.  It will also help you identify GMAT question types that can assist you in achieving that high GMAT score.  The study guide provides you with 305 total pages of material and it includes additional bonus material online, a FAQ section, and suggested study plans.
Price: $24.99 


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