Manhattan Prep 2017 GMAT Prep Course – In-Depth Analysis (REVIEW)

Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep Course Review

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Manhattan Prep GMAT – Quick Thoughts:

Before we get into the detailed review below, here is a quick summary of our thoughts on the Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep Course(s).

Manhattan Prep has long been a staple of the GMAT prep industry!  They have a well established brand and they have had continued focus on their GMAT prep line.  That’s evident through their recent launch of their extremely interactive course, GMAT Interact.  Don’t worry, the detailed review below covers their GMAT Interact too.

Manhattan Prep is for the person looking for a full GMAT prep course, high quality lessons, high quality course design, nicely packaged course content (digital & hard copy), amazing performance review metrics, detailed explanations, and a prep course company with a proven track record.

We highly recommend that you try Manhattan Prep for free before purchasing.  Here is a link to their GMAT Interact FREE TRIAL as well as a link to their live in-person and live online FREE TRIALS.  Take advantage of those!

Check out the full detailed review below!

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Options & Pricing

NOTE: Pricing is subject to change.  The pricing you see below was available at the time of this review

Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep Course Options Features and Pricing

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Course  –  Interactive Lessons

Here is one MAJOR thing to know!  If you purchase a live online or in-person course, the GMAT Interact on-demand course comes with it!  No matter the course, Manhattan Prep is EXTREMELY interactive!  You are involved with the lesson, and don’t simply sit back and watch.

The GMAT Interact (on-demand) course is really interactive for a virtual on-demand course!  Below is a snapshot of the Interact course, and you can clearly see there is a virtual instructor on screen.  You get a virtual instructor pretty much through the entire course.  They have multiple different instructors used throughout the course, but you get this feeling of having your very own personal instructor through the entire course.

Also, the instructors are extremely UPBEAT and FUN!

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FREE TRIAL – Interact (On-Demand Course)

FREE TRIAL – Live In-Person or Online Course

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Interactive Lessons

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course  –  Extremely Engaging Course

If you take a live Manhattan Prep GMAT course, the instructors will of course be keeping you engaged, but you will also be EXTREMELY engaged during the Interact (on-demand) course.  Below is a snapshot of a fun clip from the Interact course.  You can see that Manhattan Prep adds an element of fun to their courses.  Don’t worry….clips like the one you see below with the sock puppets are perfectly timed and not overdone throughout the course.  The course is very much meant for adults like you!

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Extremely Engaging Course

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course  –  Amazing Practice Question Tools

Manhattan Prep shines in many ways, but their practice question tool (Navigator) is something to marvel over! The tool allows you to tag questions, mark a question as a guess, mark a question as one to return to later, and it has an incredible performance metrics dashboard.  Meaning, you can easily see your strengths and weaknesses.

The Navigator tool is something that EVERY person preparing for the GMAT should have.

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FREE TRIAL – Live In-Person or Online Course

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Navigator Tool

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Navigator Tool Detailed Explanations

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course  –  Study Guide Bundle

The Manhattan Prep GMAT study/strategy guide set has DOMINATED the market for years!  It is a HIGHLY recognized set of GMAT books, and you will get them with a purchase of a prep course.  We can’t tell you enough how GREAT this guides are!

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Study Guide Set


The GMAT Roadmap is a guide you’ll get with a course purchase, and it is very helpful! It was written by GMAT experts and provides you expert advice on things like study habits and other tips and tricks. It’s a MUST HAVE for all GMAT takers!

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Expert Insights


Many people ignore foundational material both from a Math and Verbal perspective. They fail to realize that you must MASTER the foundational material prior to attempting more advanced material. To really score high on the GMAT, you must be able to do well with advanced material, but that means you must have the foundational material mastered. Manhattan Prep knows this and puts an emphasis on this via these two foundational guides that you’ll get with a course purchase. These are huge for your success on the GMAT!

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Foundation Material Guides Math and Verbal


The Official GMAT Guide is published by the GMAC, the people who create the Official GMAT you’ll be taking soon. Manhattan Prep realizes how important this guide is, and they have nicely incorporated it into their courses. The Navigator practice question tool discussed above contains questions straight out of this Official GMAT Guide.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Official GMAT Guide

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course  –  Student Reviews

Below you’ll find a few Manhattan Prep student reviews. We can assure you that Manhattan Prep has a great reputation!

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course - Student Reviews

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