examPAL 2018 GMAT Prep Course In-Depth Analysis (REVIEW)

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examPAL – Quick Thoughts:

Before we get into the detailed review below, here is a quick summary of our thoughts on ExamPAL.

The first thing to recognize is that examPAL is a relatively new market entrant.  They are trying to make a name for themselves in the GMAT space, and they are working VERY hard to do so.

If you’re looking for a cost effective GMAT prep course, then this might be a good option for you.  examPAL takes you through an introduction segment of each individual lesson to ensure you have a foundational understanding. They then take you through a deep dive of the subject area and walk you through a detailed lesson.  After the detailed lesson, examPAL evaluates your comprehension of the material via a practice session.  Overall, this quick and straightforward approach to GMAT prep can be VERY effective for some people.

examPAL is currently giving course lessons away for FREE, but practice questions, quizzes, and tests are still behind a paid wall.  You can explore course prices below.

examPAL collects problem solving information from students, which allows them to identify ‘tools and methods’ that work best for everyone (on average).  Their system also allows them the ability to provide you with real time feedback on how to improve and solve questions faster.

examPAL offers a FREE TRIAL, which we recommend you take advantage of if you think this course might be for you after reading our detailed review below.

examPAL – Introduction Video

Start exploring examPAL below or just head over to their FREE TRIAL!

examPAL Course Options & Pricing

NOTE: Pricing is subject to change.  The pricing you see below was available at the time of this review

ExamPal Course Options & Pricing

examPAL – GMAT Course Discount ( 20% Off )

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examPAL GMAT Prep Course – Course Dashboard View

examPAL’s course dashboard is definitely unique.  It reminds us of an old treasure map, and at the end is your official GMAT exam date.  For people who aren’t fans of lists and are visual people, you will love this dashboard.

What you see below is just the first leg of the examPAL GMAT course.  The dashboard certainly extends further into other areas, but for space purposes we just took this top level snapshot to give you an idea of what the dashboard looks likes.  It’s important, because it’s what you’ll be using on a day-to-day basis.

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ExamPal GMAT Course Dashboard View

examPAL GMAT Prep Course – Lesson Introductions

When you access a lesson within the examPAL GMAT course, you will first watch a lesson introduction.  Below you see an instructor that will come on and discuss at a very high level, but quickly following a short discussion you will be taken to a view that does not incorporate a visual of the instructor.  Some people love this, and others don’t.  It might fit your learning needs perfectly, because there is no instructor to distract you from watching and listening to the lesson.

Within this introduction section of the lesson you will learn the foundational basics you need to complete the rest of the lesson.  It is great that examPal takes you through the necessary material prior to diving deep into the lesson.

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ExamPal GMAT Course Lesson Introductions

examPAL GMAT Prep Course – Detailed Lessons

Once you have completed the introduction, you will be taken to the detailed lesson.  Below is a snapshot of what you can expect to see in these detailed lessons.  The instructor will be walking you through how to approach and solve questions within the respective subject area.

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ExamPal GMAT Prep Course Detailed Lessons

examPAL GMAT Prep Course – Practice Sessions

The last step within a specific subject area lesson is to work through practice problems on your own.  You can see below that examPAL provides you with a detailed explanation of every problem.

The practice problems are very easy to move through within the examPal learning management system.

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ExamPal GMAT Prep Course Practice Sessions

examPAL GMAT Prep Course – Additional Course Features

Two really great features that you’ll notice below are:

1) The ability to increase the course speed up to a max of 2x.  This allows you to move very quickly through the material if you’re on a time crunch.

2) The ability to send a message to an examPAL instructor while in the self-paced course.  It’s very easy to see the benefits of this feature, and we got a response very quickly when we tested it out.

One thing that we were not fans of was the fact that you have to hit the red forward button to advance within the lesson.  Basically, it’s like clicking to go to the next slide.  In our opinion, this makes it difficult for you to just cruise through a lesson.  HOWEVER, per examPAL, their research shows that this mandatory action keeps you engaged and results in higher retention and understanding of the material.  We do see examPAL’s point and recognize the potential benefits, but we would like to see this feature be optional.  Not everybody needs a ‘click to advance’ mandatory setting.  Everybody’s learning needs are different, and this might be something that will work really well for you.

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ExamPal GMAT Prep Course Additional Course Features

examPAL GMAT Prep Course – Personalized Help

As you can see below, examPAL has many ‘extras’ available to you within their course.  If you’re needing personalized help, then these options show below might really help you during your GMAT prep.

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ExamPal GMAT Prep Course Personalized Help

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